Our Staff

We are a family owned and operated business. Chris, our pharmacist, has over 20 years experience in pharmacy care. He spent many years of his career working in fast paced retail pharmacy settings. He learned from those years that many people that take multiple medications on a daily basis need help managing those medications. However, he saw that pharmacists in that busy environment do not have the time needed to spend with people at the pharmacy counter to provide the much needed help. Plus, "once the bottles of medicine leave the pharmacy" Chris says, "who knows what happens next. Are they lost in a pile of other medicine bottles at home? Are they misplaced and forgotten about? When the doctor changes a medication, are the old meds removed and the new ones started? Are they taken at the right times of the day?"

Chris did not want to just hand out pills. He says that he became a pharmacist to help people. So he started this business in order genuinely give patient care and truly see his patients live better lives by correctly taking the medicines.

Chris' wife, Patricia, takes care of everything that happens at their home and office. She picks up medications and answers phone calls when Chris is with a patient. She manages the office and keeps Chris on track for his day, planning his schedule and ensuring that each patient or family member receives the attention they deserve. His three sons - Micah, Levi and Malachi - even pitch in when needed.